domingo, 11 de enero de 2009

Wolves of Wottan

Esta es una letra que escribí para mi grupo de Folk Metal... Si alguien requiere explicaciones. Pídalas.

Wolves of Wottan

Fierce, rises the sun
Meltinng the clouds
Facing the mountains, blue and high

Bears leave their caves
Wolf packs awake
Hunters give life to the forest

Shadows in the dawn
Patrol the woods
Hunger and thirst of deer flesh

Trace leads to their prey
Tracking their smell
Blood boils inside their killer hearts

Wind blows through the trees
Valkyries chant
The thery first notes of war's song

Horns roar in the sky
Drums head the march
Flutes call for every warrior

Hail! Beasts understand
Rising as men
Answer Allfader's calling

Dressed in predator's skin
Hold blades as claws
Ulfhedin and Berserkir

Proud we follow commands
Leaving the woods
Starting unother journey

Fast! Marching all day
Sometimes all night
Until the sunset's flameless

Soon, we see the smoke
Smell of burned flesh
The battle's behind the hill

Run! Run like a wolf
Roar as a bear
Charge down with nothing on your mind

Odin fights through my sword
We are blessed by the nornes
Our fangs plunge deep into their flesh

Hail! Destroy their lines
Splinter their shields
Wottan's Wolves howl with madness

Hail! Chaos and blood
They can't fight back
There is no mercy for them!

HAIL! Wound them to death
Chop of their heads
Throw them directly into Hel

We march not in lines
We guard the Jarls
We are the Wolves of Wottan

3 comentarios:

  1. Waaa muy buena letra, ojalá te esté yendo bien con ese proyecto


  2. Gracias... de un lobo a otro lobo... gracias

  3. Yo tengo un poema sobre los cuervos de Odín. A ver si lo pongo en el blog... Y mira que mi animal es el lobo...


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