domingo, 11 de enero de 2009


Esta es una letra-historia... no todo lo escrito es parte de la canción.

Por que toda mujer tiene algo de bruja... Y amo eso!

Que es para mi una bruja?

Aunque no es mi favorita, me siento contento con esta letra, pues me tomó un buen tiempo investigar lo suficiente para llenarla de datos, y sacar mis conclusiones sobre que eran (o son) tales mujeres.

Conclusiones muy por la superficie... Una bruja es la mujer perfecta. Pero indomable.

Eran perfectamente independientes, buenas en el sexo y la cocina, y con lo que encontraban en tu patio trasero (un inmenso bosque) podían conjurar la solución a cualquier problema.

Por que persigues y destruyes a la perfección entonces? Es una amenaza contra el control masculino de la época (De cual? Escoja usted)

Pues... bienvenidas sean estas mujeres que de forma tan destrctora se apoderan de nuestras vidas... Si alguien creó las drogas y las infundió al código genético para hacer de sus labios el mayór manjar, de sus senos el descanso celestial y de sus sexos el Nirvana... fueron ellas.

Aqui está mi Oda, mi blues a las brujas!


Oh how tired, oh how fine
Could I feel for burning that girl to the ashes

Enough pyres for today
Day is over, now I can rest in my bed

It’s been a long day, long indeed
Forgive me father, because in my dreams there is sin

I imagine them in my sheets
They hunt and touch me, they don’t let me sleep

Please forgive me, dear God
Yours is the power, yours is it all

And so, I lay now
Ready to sleep
I pray to my father, my dream to keep

After one day of my work
I sleep warm using women for logs

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord my soul to keep
If I should die before I awake
I pray the lord my soul to take”


Wake up… here I am
Wake up… Here to stay

Look at me… here I am
Wake up now, I’m Here to Stay

What’s wrong darling, Is it hard to breath?
Even sitting in your chest I thought you would stay asleep

What’s wrong darling? Why are you scared?
Didn’t you summon me before you went to bed?

Now and for once, let’s put things clear
You have to know with who you’re dealing with

You’ve been burning women for years
And none of them were close to be a witch

They where lustful, they were mean
But they didn’t had what it takes to be me

I’m so evil, I’m so sweet
with three words I’ll convert your life in a snake pit

I could break you, with my spell
I could drink down you and lead you to hell

With my silk voice, with my charms
With a mandragora filter... If I want, you will die

There is madness in my hands
And I bet you would kill for the secrets I’ve kept

Yes, I’m burning in my lust
Not a succubus can drive you as mad as I could

I have no business with your god
You believe you’re immune to or spells, to our charms?

You should really stop and think
Do you want to mess around with someone like me?

I have nothing to do with Lucifer
I’m with Lilith, and he’s going crazy for her!

If I choose I can visit Selene
My flying broom was a gift from Hel

We came before did the whores
And believe me, we’re better and we want it more

I can be a cat, or a sexy snake
But if I turn to wolf, run for your sake

Yeah, Run, baby!

And you claim we are week
I’m really curious to know what you consider week

What I want, that I get
And if you don’t please me, I’ll make you regret

There’s not pine, there’s no salt
There’s not mustard to keep me away from your house

As cookers, we’re the best option
Anything’s easy after making a potion

Aquelarres are my life
Any one of my friends kisses better than your wife

I could live in a cave, maybe sleep next to you
About me no one can tell false from truth

And I’m laughing at your laws
We've been laughing since Frau Lilith laughed at your god

Fog is my veil, Blood is my booze
Watch out, Darling… I’m coming for you…

And yes, you should fear me darling, like the boogie man
Cause you men always fear that you don’t understand

I’m not as simple as you think
I can go from black to white in the matter of a blink

I’ll keep coming as I did
As a bird I can pass through holes this thin

So now, tell me darling, Is it clear?
Don’t fear the devil, it is me you should fear

As a girl can be, there’s nothing worse
And I swear I will be the essence of your remorse

Oh, I pity you, poor little man
You’re gonna suffer for every woman you burned ‘til you die

And if I ever say “Here to Stay”
Pray to god because nothing will drive me away

I will hunt you, track you down
I will make you my slave, in me you will drown!!!!

Cause… I’ll tell you, Honey

I’m as dark as the night
And as deep as the sea
Surrender’s your option
You belong to me
I’m the flame in your hel
The twitch in your arm
Stop dreaming about it
From this you can’t guard
I’m a bitch, I’m a leaf
I’m the root in your path
Oops, you tripped because of me
It’s my fault. Oh, to bad
I’m a potion, a scythe
A lotion and a knife
The rain in your heart
And the wood in your pants
A war in your brain
Or the peace that you pray
When you go to bed
And claim to that guy upstairs
Release me from her!”
But there is no escape
And if you think ‘bout it twice
I’m the best you can get!!!!!!

I’m all you’ll ever gonna need…

All you’ll ever gonna need.

2 comentarios:

  1. Ya veo, de lo que me comentabas, vaya vaya, mujer con pantalones, de eso es lo que hace falta...en eso es en lo que muchas mujeres deberían pensar, yo por mí lado...hago mi parte, creo que de bruja tengo algo, o será mucho, no sé¿?...A veces no me gusta mucho pensar.
    Jeje, se me cuida bastante apa´, picos y abrazos♥

  2. brujas... hermosas brujas.

    Lo mismo para ti, querida mía.


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