lunes, 22 de junio de 2009


Una nueva letra de mi grupo. Varg Fang

Los Wendol, según cuenta Ahmad Ibn Fadlan, eran un pueblo primitivo que vivía cerca de la ciudad del rey Rothgar.

Hombres que vivían en las cavernas, vestidos soo con pieles y cráneos de osos, empuñaban armas de obsidiana, madera y hueso, descendían de las montañas con la niebla para asesinar hombres del norte y llevárse sus cuerpos para comerlos.

Solo llevaban lo necesario para comer, pero nunca dejaban a uno de sus muertos atras, ni la cabeza de nórdico alguno que hubieran eliminado.

Esta escena de la película "13th Warrior" (Basada en el libro "Devoradores de cadáveres", a su vez basado en el manuscrito de Ahmad) los Wendol atacan la ciudad, mientras los guerreros de Buliwif la defienden, pronunciando una oración previa a la batalla.

He aquí nuestra letra. La fiesta de los demonios de la niebla negra.


We´re the fangs, we´re the claws
deep inside the mountains
With the fog we come down
Hunting for heads

Not even mighty bears
Dare to enter our realms
With the fog, with the dark
Hunting for men

We leave no beast behind
Dead or alive
We leave no skull behind
A gift to our mother

Soon we go down the woods
Like a Korgon
Burn their homes, crush their bones
Hear them scream. WENDOL!

Down inside, in the womb
Of the limbless mother
Near the fire we sing
Celebrating victory

The fallen ones of the pack
Are to be devoured
So their spirit joins us
In the hunt again

To our mother we bring
Three Viking heads
Freshly pruned from the hall
Of king Rothgar

And we’ll do it again
To calm down our mother
Her savage hunger
Can never be healed

Our liquor we drink
In the skull of our prays
Drink their soul, drink their brains
Feed with their power

Only in blood we bath
It’s smell makes us rabid
Submerged in the taste
Of our fearful foes

Every night, with the fog
We’ll go down the mountains
Following the horned bear
Lead us into carnage!

With the beat of the drums
Our hearts exalt
Lost in dance, fall in trance
We’ll go back for heads tonight

martes, 16 de junio de 2009


Esta es la versión final de Witchlust, una de las letras de mi grupo, Varg Fang


Wake up… here I am
Wake up… Here to stay

Look at me… here I am
Wake up now, I’m Here to Stay

What’s wrong darling, Is it hard to breath?
Even sitting in your chest I thought you would stay asleep

What’s wrong darling? Why are you scared?
Didn’t you summon me before you went to bed?

Now and for once, let’s put things clear
You have to know with who you’re dealing with

You’ve been burning women for years
And none of them were close to be a witch

They where lustful, they were mean
But they didn’t had what it takes to be me

Not the madness, nor the guts
Not the power to conjure your demons tonight

I’m so evil, I’m so sweet
with three words I’ll convert your life in a snake pit

Subtle toy in my Twisted desires
I will play with you ‘till your hours expire

There is madness in my hands
And I bet you would kill for the secrets I’ve kept

Yes, I’m burning in my lust
Not a succubus can drive you as mad as I could

What I want, that I get
And if you don’t please me, I’ll make you regret

I could live in a cave, maybe sleep next to you
About me no one can tell false from truth

I have nothing to do with Lucifer
I’m with Lilith, and he’s going crazy for her!

And I’m laughing at your laws
We've been laughing since Frau Lilith laughed at your god

And yes, you should fear me, like the boogie man
‘Cause you men always fear that you don’t understand

Fog is my veil, Blood is my booze
Watch out, Darling… I’m coming for you…

Yeah, Run, baby!

So now, tell me darling, Is it clear?
Don’t fear the devil, it is me you should fear

As a girl can be, there’s nothing worse
And I swear I will be the essence of your remorse

Oh, I pity you, little man
You’re gonna suffer for every woman you burned ‘til you die

And if I ever say “Here to Stay”
Pray to god because nothing will drive me away

I will hunt you, track you down
I will make you my slave, in me you will drown!!!!

‘Cause… I’ll tell you, Honey

I’m as dark as the night
And as deep as the sea
Surrender’s your option
You belong to me
I’m the flame in your hel
The twitch in your arm
Stop dreaming about it
From this you can’t guard
I’m a bitch, I’m a leak
I’m the root in your path
Oops, you tripped `cause of me?
It’s my fault? Oh, to bad
I’m a potion, a scythe
A lotion and a knife
The rain in your heart
And the wood in your pants
A war in your brain
Or the peace that you pray for
When you go to bed
And claim to that guy upstairs
“Release me from her!”
But there is no escape
And if you think ‘bout it twice
I’m the best you can get!!!!!!

…I’m all you’ll ever gonna need…

…All you’ll ever gonna need.

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